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5 Stars

"Sha La La is an ode to love that defines inclusivity and diversity at its best."

Nitin Kakkar
Writer, Director

"A mesmerising musical vision. Sha La La is one of the best things you will ever see!"

Prashantt Guptha

"Sha La La is a spellbinding sensual ode to love."

Milap Zaveri
Writer, Director, Actor

"In times when hatred has eclipsed love, here comes the most symbolic ode to #Love"

Sapna Bhavnani
Celebrity Hairstylist

"Love has no boundaries so speak your heart out. Sha La La is a breathtaking ode."

Mukesh Chhabra, CSA
Director and Casting Director

"Sha La La is real within surreal, a timely poignant message on inclusion."

Komal Nahta
Bollywood Trade Analyst

"#LoveWithoutBoundaries in Black and White and still looks like a rainbow."

Sharib Hashmi

"In times when hatred eclipses love, Sha La La is a thought-provoking ode to love."

Mayur Puri
Screenwriter, Lyricist, Film Maker

"The purest form of love. No boundaries. No biases. The celebration of unconditional love."

Zubin Dubash
Head, Shemaroo Digital Entertainment

"What a relevant message in today's world! And the song is just stuck in my head on loop. Love it!"

Shara Batliboi Siddharth
Global Marketing Manager

"A mind-blowing International creation having an Indian soul...truly outstanding!"

Vicky Tejwani
Director | Producer

“Futuristic in styling, Global in outlook, Sha La La is an honest representation of Love in 2020.”

Abhishek Patil
A&R, Sony Music India

"The video, concept, song and message compliment each other as a true celebration of LOVE"

Summer Jacobs
Model | Actor

"Brilliantly written and executed featuring some of the most talented musicians in the world."

Kuber Sharma
Music Producer | Sound Engineer

“It’s one of the most creative & beautifully shot videos from India. A truly international standard.”

Kookie Gulati
Director, The Big Bull

"Benchmark set in Hinglish entertainment. Suave, sexy, stylish embracing equality and humanity."

Dr. Farhad Vijay Arora
Director | Producer

"Love the concept...the entire video is sensual with a beautiful message. Absolutely loved it!"

Khushnuma Vakil
Front Office Manager

"Sha La La is beauty and strength, grandeur and voice, celebration and inspiration!"

Devansh Patel
Journalist | Producer

"Not about sex, Not about drugs, Not about money, 100% about LOVE. #ShaLaLa. Lit!"

Yash Gupta
App Digital Marketing

"Bold, powerful and a much needed message, all enrobed in a beautiful melody."

Ashwin Bhadri
CEO, Equinox Labs

"Rarely do you find music that impacts you on a visual medium and Sha La La just does that!"

Frazan Adil Kotwal
Opera Singer

"Sha La La is amazing and different. I’ve never seen this format before for an Indian music video."

Veer Bhagat

“If music be the food of love, then this music video is perhaps the most relevant dish of now!”

Shahbad Khandolia

“With admirable attention to detail, this crisp production is truly a futuristic feast for the eyes!”

Ferhan Chinoy
Financial Analyst

"Thought-provoking, bold, and extremely relevant for our times! An apt message of inclusivity."

Varun Patel

“A great social message of spreading love and humanity. Stunning videography and catchy tune.”

Purazar Fouzdar

“Sha La La will twist your head 180 degrees. Expect the unexpected. Every frame is like a painting.”

Ambika Singh

“Sha la la is visually enthralling; captivating each of your five senses.”

Amar Gandhi
Real Estate Broker

“That was mind-blowing. Watched it several times. Right content. Right message. Just right.”

Jim Pesek
Corporate Security

“This video is BOLD. It reminds you to be true to your own individuality and your own sense of love.”

Kritika Avashti

“In these dire times this video has a positive and relevant message in a beautiful package of love.”

Adam Smith

"This Sha La La video is CRAZY! It's off the charts. What a concept. Loved every minute of the full 10.”

Michelle Carpenter

"It is such a relevant video for today. The message is so apt. The song is very catchy. Bravo!”

Satish Malhotra
Digital Expert

"The first minute sets it up. The next 9 make your eyes pop. The end dedication pierces you deep.”

Roman Paul

“Breathtakingly emotive and sensual...every image is stunning…his voice is so hauntingly beautiful!"

Arbez Shroff Patel
Medical Technologist

“In testing times, Sha La La reminds us how love and love can only make this world a better place.”

Nishit Bhatia
Film Maker

"I have watched it over 5 times back-to-back. The Sha La La hook is now stuck in me for good.”

John Marrion
Cloud Hosting

"Visually striking and alluring. It blew me away! The entire presentation is mind-blowing. Top class!”

Stacey Starslow
Social Activist

“Totally gobsmacked by the audio and video production. Sensual yet classy. A true video for NOW”

Gwenyth Carlow

“The theme, set up and messaging. I loved it. The Start video was so peppy. It gave me a rush."

Farook Sayed
Creative Designer
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Shayan Italia
- Shayan Italia

"if someone tells
you something cannot be done; it's just their way of saying they cannot do it"

Shayan Italia is an Indian-born multi-award winning entrepreneur, musician and philanthropist. He is a Zoroastrian Parsi. He started writing songs after losing his Mum at a young age. Shayan was named “Global Indian Of The Year” for his outstanding contribution to India. His version of the Indian National Anthem, an ode to his Mum, stands as the most viewed national anthem of any country ever.